If words could only begin to explain the magic and mystery that once was and now is coming again to this world.  What I am seeing to the naked eye is the love, the magic, the joy, the hope we once new.  The Remembering.

Valentines Day!  A great day to be alive and go visit Archangel Michael at his healing temple, where I have been guided to teach this magical indescribable healing retreats,  having some idea but truly hearing that the real magic is going to come on these days.  Along my own path, I have had many initiations in service of the light. Through these initiations , the feeling and seeing the gratitude and blessings for why we are here, comes the birth of a new inner child with seeds of a whole new world.  A fantastic point of view, where no one can tell us no, or where to go, or say we are only dreaming!  It’s not just a story…it is REAL.

THE WIZARD OF OZ. Image shot 1939. Exact date unknown.
DXKD66 THE WIZARD OF OZ. Image shot 1939. Exact date unknown.

This first healing retreat, The Flower of the Lily, is about finding our passion and purpose while meeting our own Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road.   Accessing our Ancient Wisdom,  feeling the purity and innocence within us with the Star of David, The White Lily, the High Council and the Keepers of the Light, while whisking away into the realms of the musical spheres. We will cut loose!  Foot Loose to be exact.

 For more information click here : http://www.reikiresonancehealing.com/retreats/

This is just a heads up of the healing and feeling the support that you all have along your path,  to truly trust and bring in a new life,  your mission,  your passion and your purpose.

As my friend and I were driving out to Lake Louise, Alberta, I was so excited and telling her…I am going to let go of all expectations…but I am sure we will experience some magic. At that exact moment my words came out of my mouth, the sign above on the highway that notifies you about weather reports…says ” To choose Love, all you have to do is CLICK! ”

OMG…Click your heels!  Hello Wizard of OZ.. All part of this Healing Retreat! I like to pretend I am Sarah Jessica Parker in this moment as I a writing…saying HELLO to those beautiful shoes!  The magic has begun. There is no place like home!

The energy in the Chateau at Lake Louise is very beautiful. Everyone is happy to be there. It is world renowned magical kingdom where you can escape and connect to the Rocky Mountains, to Nature and to feel at peace.

The room I am teaching in, faces the lake and the two mountains where Archangel Michael will be supporting us and healing us. I didn’t ask to pick this room,  it just flowed.  Upon arrival,  I was excited to learn about the room.  The room is called the Lefroy Room.  I love history and wanted to know more about this man Lefory!  He picture is below and he sort of looks like a scarecrow….but this is where it really gets neat….reading his story,   he was the Second Lieutenant with the Royal Artillery in 1834.   He mastered astronomy through independent study,  and he was invited to take part in observations in connection with magnetic research being conducted throughout the British Empire.  In 1842, he arrived in Canada to take charge of the Toronto Magnetic Observatory.  He also lead a major scientific expedition to the Canadian North- West to determine the position of the magnetic north pole.   We are already in a room filled with Wisdom!   I just needed to bring in the Divine Feminine to bring the balance.

John Henry Lefroy

While sitting around the table,  connecting to the energy,  I felt the high council come in.  First it was Horus…to my own inner wisdom and excitement..I knew this, but didn’t fully discover it until today!  He is a major guide for this retreat and for all that who come as well as Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.   The Ascended Master Horus ( who symbolizes a hawk or eagle)  who is the child of Isis.  He helps connect us to the Cosmic Gateway,  to our inner wisdom, through magnetic  (Lefroy) and powerful thoughts.  Allowing the Miraculous changes to occur.   SOOOOO…as above….so below you will see ABOVE the room we will be working in…3 Birds in the oak…3 masters ( Horus or like a Scarecrow)  watching over us.  Can you see the birds eyes…:)   The intuition, the inner wisdom.  HELLO!  It’s nice to finally meet you!

As I gathered around the table, there were 11 keepers of the light that came forth to help me this day and as well and anchor in this energy for the collective. They were…Archangel Charity, Mother Mary, Radna, Odin, The Holy Sprit, Serpis Bay, Lady Portia, El Moyra, Krishna, Joan of Arc and Green Tara.  They sat with me and my friend around the table,  like we were having a meeting of some sort.  I had seen many of them come alive in the room,  almost popping out of the card itself and dancing on the table.  I have no idea to some extend the work and energy that was happening  in this room and in Lake Louise, but what I do know forsure is that….from what I am seeing and experiencing…is how amazing and supportive this universe is.  All you have to do is step into the light and click your heels!   WOW.

I heard…there is no going back now Karen 🙂  Well of course not…why would I want to!  🙂 🙂

” YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO” says the Scarecrow, now go in Peace 🙂

Above is Horus Right Outside the Chateau…and behind him is the Temple of Archangel Michael.  No coincidence on a day in our hearts . Something very big is happening and on valentines day, of all days 🙂  LOVE! It is time!

For more information of these full healing retreats,  the energy you will be working with, you can visit my website at http://www.reikiresonancehealing.com.

The Best is yet to come!  I am excited, and it will be such an honor and blessing to serve you, to inspire you like never before!  To bring back the Child within each and everyone of us,  becoming your own compassionate hero and finding your place in this world!

So many Blessings of the Child within each of everyone of us,  seeing us again for who we really are,  in our hearts,  Unconditionally loved and supported!  Welcome to a Whole New World.

Now Fly way, my little bird, for you are the wind beneath my wings. So high in the sky,  so high I almost touch the sky,  thank you,  thank you for being the wind beneath my wings.

I love you!
Karen Neuls

Reiki Resonance




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