What a discovery!  Can you see yourself like the Princess and the Frog, down in New Orleans of all places, love always finds a way..it’s true. Where you wish upon a star, dreaming one day that you will have your own place, your own dream, or perhaps you are like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and you are tired of seeing things in black and white, and are ready to see the color, the love, the joy and most of all, feeling that place of ” There’s no place like home”.

Let me tell you a story……

A long time ago,  a little girl who wished so big in her heart that she could fly over that rainbow,  that she could dream and live in the clouds,  dance above the rainbow and feel the presence of her home within her heart, feeling free,  knowing that she was innocent and pure in all ways, not matter what others told her,  no matter how bad she was made to feel, no matter what happened to her,  she never stopped believing.

Two days until the big day, I am ready to teach my very first course that I have spent writing almost 2 years in the making…and intense healing along the way.  I was told within the Akashic records I would be in good company,  there would be 7 of us and that this would be a very enlightening experience.  I was also told to teach it in Lake Louise, Alberta at the Fairmount Hotel, so none of this was cheap!   Well,  I had only one  person signed up and I was to teach this in two days.  I had so many people let me know they wanted to come,  but the money was hard for others.  And I was also there,  I get it. One thing as a Spiritual Teacher,  I will always tell you to follow your heart, there are no expectations, no judgements or that you need to come to my classes.  I love you regardless, and I will always honor your beautiful soul and the angel that you are.

I knew I couldn’t cancel, and even the high council in the records had told me,  there was no turning back Karen.   I cried as I picked up my manuals,  because I had no idea what was going on. I was mad that this was happening to me.  I have worked so hard on this and they kept telling me to keep going!  I know this work is big,  as I kept seeing Moses and the path he took,  and the trust.  He was told to do something,  and to let go of how it would all happen!  I am sure you know the story,  especially when the Israelites were stuck at the sea with no place to go,  and Moses was told to get everyone packed up and to walk into the sea, and walk away from what was coming behind them. They had to put their feet in the water first before the sea would even lift.  That is what we are all needing to do in the lifetime,  that is the trust.  When you devote your life to service, Standing in your light as a Lightworker,  you are about to see things in a whole new light, sometimes its a magic carpet ride! Sitting in the eye of storms all around you,  thunderstorms, tornados,  I can’t believe it myself and to know not to pay attention to the fear,  as when you walk in the light,  all darkness will fade around you,  but it will try its hardest to stop you.  It want’s the power and control over you.

We truly have an amazing power inside to help change this world.  It was so interesting.  My guides kept telling me what to do,  get the manuals made,  find the magic mirror, the merlin hat ( and they told me where to look),  I found everything I needed with ease and grace and it was all flowing, except the people.

I wasn’t getting any more answers,  you see it comes to a point in our lives where we can access the divine,  we can ask for help from above, and yes they are always there…but when that stops, or it doesn’t feel the same, its because you now have all the power inside of you, like a national treasure,  and the divine is wanting you to discover this.  Do you know how it feels to step and become someone like Archangel Michael,  or Be Joan of Arc…that is much more powerful than asking for their help!  We do have this power inside of us.  What does your heart tell you?

My heart said…Universe.. I am not going to Abandon my baby or my little girl inside of me who has taught me so much,  to not be afraid of who I am and I finally feel my dreams coming true.  I was not going to let any fear…including how much money this would cost me. Everything always works out. Having that faith and trust that your love can move a mountain.  I knew it always works out, but I still had to feel and move through it!   I even had a few close friends and family tell me,  that perhaps next time  I should teach it else where.  I loved their opinion,  as I know it was caring, and I just said Thank you.  But in my heart and soul this is where I was told to have it.  Money is something man made,  in our hearts, in the time of Lemuria, which I talk about in this first level and is very much part of energy we work with,  or like the Emerald City in Oz,   there was no such thing as money,  and everyone got along,  they were all happy and healthy.

I just decided there was a special group of people in my heart that I knew would be very grateful to come.  It was the biggest gift of gratitude I felt with Archangel Gabriel, being able to bless these beautiful souls and I asked if they wanted to come as a heart exchanged gift from the divine.   It was divine, and after that was done…shazam my crown and heart were on fire.  There were seven of us and I would be in good company!  Just like I was told. My Glinda wanted me to discover this for myself. Shortly after this course,  I ended up with a financial windfall,  so I also was rewarded with a gift of love.  The sea lifted.

SO!  How would like to know more about The Flower of the Lily?  How can this empower you in your life?

We grabbed our coats, put on our hats,  we wiped our feet on the doorstep, called There’s no place like home, left our worries behind and stepped to the sunny side of the street,  over the rainbow, thanks to Judy Garland!

It was such an experience to enter the mystery schools of the child.  I realized now that this program,  Becoming the Compassionate Hero is to help you be the light,  you are already a lightworker,  but now it is the time to Become it!  I would say you do need some prior spiritual healing before your heart could do this.   This is where you really start to do the work,  to spread your angel wings,  to allow you heart to become more open,  to see all the good and why things happened the way they did.   To even discover the truth that shall set you free, is the most empowering feeling,  to know how everything that is unfolding is all out of love.  Allowing the child inside of you to come out on the table to inspire you, to teach you and to help heal you.  The child inside of you needs you,  it needs to be loved.  It needs to feel safe and to no be afraid to be yourself. To discover who you are and not what people told you that you were.  Most times we can abandon our own inner child, and then suffer our life with abandonment of some sort, trying to heal it, needing to be loved,  and in order to do so,   you must go back to your childhood to do this work.   It is very big work.  So congratulations for being so courageous!

This group did some amazing deep healing work.   We had a very special Angel,  called Angelia,  Flower of the Lily, who is a master teacher of the children of Lemuria with us and the children came as well.  I played a song called Angelia in a competition on the organ when I was a little girl, and got silver.   The hotel windows cracked loud when I called them in.   I could see the lines of energy all around the room.  It was pretty sacred.  Travelling through their own Star of David that was filled with rainbows, butterfly’s and the best things…musical notes!

There was a lot that happened within these two days,  as a teacher who teaches love, joy and laughter,  bringing back the parables of what speaks to every child within us, can have profound effects on our life.   We started out spiralling out into the world,  like the yellow brick road does, representing the grail within us.   We were high in the galactic and cosmic gateway for a lot of it,  and a lot of DNA reactivations, chains being broken,  talking with the high council and even seeing magic mirrors, peter pan and so much more!  Even the scarecrow within this level, which is about if I only had a brain. Your inner wisdom was planted into each and everyone there.  There had to be the compassionate, joy and love component to this to even be able to take them up there.

So much more happened that was so healing,  so enlightening and the love everyone felt.  I could see the innocence and purity within each and everyone there, their faith and love and most of all the power that they have inside is so exciting to see them discover it! There is a new seed planted deep within Mother Earth for each and everyone that will blossom as big as the oak trees…just like in New Orleans! There is so much i could share, but would still love to keep some of it sacred for those to discover it on their own.  Archangel Michael knows you are coming!

My goodness,  the next levels go even deeper with Christ himself as your Tin Man, Romeo and Juliet,  Archangel Faith and Hope and a lot more!  Even a deeper healing within our heart.  You can really feel the love in this level!

The little girl in me was alive and filled with joy and love. She finally can share her light, she sang , she danced and she played,  everything she did as a child without anyone making fun of her,  because what she has learnt,  is that through those experiences,  finding the love, the wisdom and the courage, it has made her light even brighter and stronger than ever before,  and she can love these experiences, becoming the care bear, lightworker…shining her heart on the darkness and sadness in the world,  with no judgement,  but compassion, making it a better place and allowing others to find this within them. Becoming her own hero and knight and shining armour who saves herself.

I would love to inspire you to find that place called home within you,  to find the hero within you,  shining your light in the world, to become all you can be and even more perhaps than we ever imagined!

May you feel blessed with living like there is no midnight like Cinderella,  once upon a dream like Sleeping Beauty or perhaps being just YOU!  There is nothing to fix, just to remember who you really are!

I Love you!
Karen Neuls

Reiki Resonance








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