Spiritual teachers and mentors can come into your life, just at that right time when you are ready for searching for something more!  Each step you take on your path, many new mentors or teachers may enter your life. Just remember to ask! You start to feel devoted to them,  look up to them and you can resonate also with their energy fields. Perhaps you start taking a Reiki Class, and then after awhile you are ready for something new! Your Reiki Master or Spiritual teacher doesn’t own you,  only you own yourself.  We are here to learn unconditional love,  so under no conditions should there be any expectations or control. If this does come up in your life,  you can love this,   as they are showing you a condition they are still needing to heal, perhaps that have been placed on them. By placing your hand on your heart,  you can thank them for being an amazing teacher, or whoever this may be for you, and may they be blessed with unconditional love,  and if you are a little braver, acknowledging that you are so sorry they have been placed with so many conditions and that is ok to follow their own heart.   By doing this allows you the purification of your own heart, while divine alchemy is in the works dissolving any 3rd dimensional cords within them.  This is stepping into your true light and purpose!

One thing I have learnt within my own heart, is a spiritual teacher can only take you as far as they have gone on their path,  so with learning and expanding, healing and trusting,  you may feel that once devotion you had may not always feel the same.  One thing about finding unconditional love within your own heart,  is always listening to your heart space. Sometimes we can get caught up in the energy of another teacher, that ends up leading you away from your own heart rather than closer to it.   As I just finished reading a saying from Alana Fairchild, she quotes ” If you are devoted to a living teacher, then the wisest of those teachers will help you through that devotion to find the Divine in yourself rather than solely honouring the Divine in them. It might be time to move on and find a more worthy recipient for the flow of your own devotional love.”  A good way to know is this…. Are you serving your own heart and the divine, or them?

This spiritual path isn’t an easy one.  I have had people and characters come into my own life,  play a certain part and then it’s time to move along again.  I just thought as an innocent heart felt soul that all who are spiritual are good!  Well,  my friend, I have met many interesting people along my path,  many who are psychic,  many who already say they are god and enlightened and then many beautiful lightworkers, who I can now understand and see the faith, trust and the light in them.   Although everyone on this earth deserves love,  this path and my heart have truly taught me to trust my own heart over others and that there is no wrong, so no judgement, it’s just the way your heart must go.

A beautiful way to know if you are serving your heart and that you have that right teachers in your life is simply to ask your heart!  Place your hand on your heart and ask?  Ask if you have and cords attached that aren’t serving your highest good,  ask for them to be removed if you do.  You can ask Archangel Michael to do this.  Another beautiful way is to ask Joan of arc to place her white ascension light on you,  to purify and melt away and old energies and cords, finishing with Quan Yin’s Pink Dragons to blow their compassionate fiery energy and ask that your energy be cleansed and awakened with kindness, mercy, truth, courage and grace.

If anything comes up,  remember to love this,  see the gift, the gratitude and blessings, thanking all for helping you on your path with love, devotion and compassion.  By doing so,  you help the world awaken to more love and step out of ego.

Remember to take a step each day into more love,  and what you can’t love that is ok not to love,  to love that!   Each level is another lesson on our path and it’s how you respond to life, will make all the difference!

May you feel love like you have never love before,  enlightenment and strength.

Many Blessings, I love you

Karen Neuls





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