The Heart of Fantasia

Looking deep into the mirror of truth, of mystery and enchantment. It reflects the true self, which sometimes can be scary for us to see, our past, our mistakes, our own darkness, but such an amazing truth can be revealed which will help you move more into the light and on your path, into your heart with more forgiveness and compassion.  It will also help you move beyond reality and old belief systems and connect you deeper to your subconscious mind.

Asking the mirror to show you what truth can be shown at this time, allowing yourself to see your higher consciousness and the journey you are on.  By allowing yourself to see this, you will awaken to know that your story is real, to not be afraid of what is shown, for the true beauty of yourself comes from within and to help you understand at a high level of love.


Art work by sprint

In the famous story of Snow White we have an evil Queen who is constantly looking in the mirror, which symbolizes a person who loves themselves more than others. The Divine Feminine represents the love and nurturing aspect of not only ourselves, but others too. One day the Queen is told by her mirror that another woman, Snow White, in the kingdom is more beautiful than her, that is, represents a truer quality of love.

Could you stand and be that mirror?  Could you tell everyone how beautiful they really are?  People come up to you (mirror) and they are screaming or yelling at themselves, not you! They want to be seen, heard, loved!   Do you see this?  Blessing each and every person you meet, telling them they are beautiful, loved, and to give them love.

The prince wakes up Snow White with a tender kiss.  This kiss symbolizes connection of truth and love. “Truth” wakes up love and lets the heart open its eyes.  Are you ready to awaken your eyes to a whole new level of truth and love??  Perhaps by doing so, you help others awaken to their true love as well, deep inside themselves!

black madonna.jpg

Working with The Black Madonna and the Mirror of Truth.

The Black Madonna or Lady of Magic exists in many spiritual and cultural traditions. She is here to help you bring grace and protection to your life. She will help you face your truth, help you open up those dark closet doors to help you let go of any guilt, anger or shame. This must happen as part of your ascension of healing, and we must not ignore what needs to leave before we can take that next step. Many times people may try to miss a step, but will return and return again, learning the same lessons over and over, louder and louder until they deal with it.

Allow now the Black Madonna to help you with your mysterious journey.

It’s never to late to begin anew. We must allow our self to be forever recreated. In fact, this is the only way to live the spiritual life. Every day, every moment is a doorway into a new possibility. A deeper communion with the Divine unfolds when we choose to open that door. It is one thing to know this to be true, it is quite another to experience that ever-deepening communion. Fall in love with the Mystery. Let it speak from every created thing in every created moment.

-Anne Mortifee-

Ask for assistance from the Black Madonna and the mirror of truth to show you what you are needing help with and what you are needing to release.  If there is any guilt or shame you feel within, any unconsciousness emotions or patterns, any conditions or limiting beliefs.  Close your eyes and imagine seeing a magical mirror coming towards you,  with the answers that you are seeking from within.  What truth are you needing to see at this time? What are you ignoring or afraid to see?  Feel The Black Madonna within your heart chakra,  loving and healing you allowing love and more light to arise within you.

Surely as an acorn grows into a magnificent oak tree,  your seeds of love will also blossom and spread as wide and far and will come back to you tenfold!

And when things go wrong, or you do have a bad day…just as Snow White does….. sing a song! Raise your vibration, go for a walk, talk to the birds and open your heart and soul to the Divine.

Blessing you with gratitude, blessings, strength, and love today.

Karen Neuls

Reiki Resonance

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